Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ending the Season Real Strong!!!!

Well the Eagles truly are the best team not to make the playoffs. Ending the season with four solid wins and clicking on all cylinders was a good sign. I only wish they could continue on because I think they would be the most feared team to have to play in teh NFC. I've seen articles printed and heard discussions on Talk Radio how everyone is breathing alittle easier knowing they will not have to run in the Eagles in the playoffs!!! Looking at the last four games, its easy to understand why!!

The NFC East was like, I don't want to win it, why don't you win it!!! None of either the Giants, Cowboys or Eagles deserved to be NFC East Champions. The Eagles by virtue of their horrible start don't deserve it but its funny how short a memory you can get when your team gets hot down teh stretch. The Giants to me are not a very good either but I must admit, I erally don't like the Giants but I was impressed with Eli Manning's performance this weekend. Granted, the Cowboys didn't get any pressure on him so he did have alot of time. And Victor Cruz? I can't understand why this guy isn't in the Pro Bowl. What a year he's had!!
The leaves only the Cowboys and they also looked horrible going down the stretch, which is typical for this team. The only difference being that I didn't think Romo played too badly on Sunday. The rest of the team did though.

So what's in store for the Eagles next year? Will Desean be back? Will McCoy win the rushing title? Will Vick take control of the NFL from week one and dazzle us once again with both his feet and his arm? Will Nambdi revert to his All-Pro days from the Raider to lead a vicious defense. I'd love to hear your thought on the 2012-2013 Eagles. Will Andy Reid be at the helm? Where do you think they need help?

I'll let you, the public throw out some comments first and I'll chime in with my predictions!!

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