Monday, November 28, 2011

Seatle Seahawks Game

Thursday Night Game Against the Seahawks
The Eagles need to come back in a short week to take on the Seatle Seahawks in a Thursday night game which will be pretty uneventful. Lets face it, the Seahawks don't deserve to be on the same field with the Eagles in a normal season but this is no normal season for the Eagles. They are now just playing for pride as their playoff hopes got shattered this past weekend against the Patriots. I'm not giving up on the Eagles though. Since I have no playoffs to look forward to, I'm just hoping to see some exciting football the rest of the season. Hopefully, they will get back a few of their injured players (Vick, Maclin, Nnambdi, ..). I just hope they all come back with something to prove. Vick needs to jsut drop the gloves and get down to work. He needs to show the NFL that his Eagles are the most potent offense in the NFL by lighting up the scoreboard. Distributing the ball to the speedy receivers while handing off to McCoy, and then filling in with some fancy footwork of his own.

Let's turn up the intensity and finish the season by having the rest of the NFL saying that they are glad they don't have to run into the Eagles in the playoffs!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Nov. 27 Patriots Game

Big game this weekend against the Patriots. Eagles got the big win last week against the Giants. That's the first of 7 straight wins the Eagles need to reel off in orde rto just make the playoffs.

My opinion is that the Eagles could pull off another upset in this game. We all know the Patriots have a terrible secondary. This could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Eagles. DeSean should reak havoc on the Patriots secondary. Hopefully Maclin will be back as well. Maybe Steve Smith will step up as well. The only question is who will be throwing the ball to these receivers? Is it Vick? Is it Young? In my opinion, it doesn't matter.

The O-line needs to open up some holes for Shady McCoy. If they can't, get him the ball on short passes out of the backfield or in screens. this guy is too good not to get him the ball somehow.

The big test will be on the Eagles secondary. For me, Nnamdi is on the hot seat. He will need to bring his "A" game as Tom Brady will simply have his way with the Eagles defense. The key to beating the Patriots is to outscore Tom Brady. The more we keep him off the field, the better.

Go Eagles!!!

Nnamdi Asomucha

So I have not been impressed at all this season with the performance of Nnamdi. He has done nothing for the Eagles other than to show us how often he can get burned. Victor Cruz in two games against the Giants made him look like a little kid. Burned on multiple occassions. When is this guy going to step up and show us he's worth all that money we paid him to come play in Philly. If he doesn't step up next week against the Patriots, I say we not only bench him, but why not release him. If he's not going to be part of the solution, then we don't need him,

I know I'm being harsh here on Nnamdi, but this is really how i feel. Let me know your thoughts on our high paid corner back. Do you think he was worth the money? Let me know.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Desean Jackson's Contract

Do you think Desean will get a new contract with the Eagles? So far, the season he is having (or not having) isn't doing anything to help his case. I truly believe Desean is a great talent and one of the most exciting players in the NFL (even though we haven't seen that this year). I think the Eagles should do whatever it takes to sign this guy after the season ends. The last thing you want to see if Jackson tearing up the NFL for a different team next week.

What are your thoughts on Desean?

Giants Game

So what are your thoughts about the upcoming Giants game. Going to be a tough game if they play like they did last week against the Cardinals. I doubt if Vick is going to play so Vince Young may get a chance to play. I'm an Eagles fan living in NY Giants territory so I desparately need a win otherwise I'm going to hear it non-stop until next year.

Keys to the game:
  • Give McCoy he ball!!
  • Give McCoy the ball!!
  • Get Desean Jackson involved in the game.

Cardinals Game

What an embarrassing game last weekend against the Cardinals. A second string QB beats the Eagles? Here's a couple major points I want to make about the game:
  1. You have the best running back in the NFL with Lesean McCoy and you don't give him the ball. The passing game wasn't working at all (we now know Vick cracked his ribs early in the game). Force them to stop McCoy!!! Nobody can stop him for an entire game.
  2. To stress more why they shouldn't have passed so much, Jackson gets suspended for the game and Maclin gets hurt in the first series. And what was Smith doing on the one 4rth down catch where he fell to the ground short of the first down marker. Nothing helps a passing game like a string running game.
  3. They let Fitzgerald wreak havoc on their secondary. You have what's supposed to be the best defensive back in the NFL (Nnamdi) so why not have him cover the best receiver from the other team every game, all game long. Even the announcers were saying this. Granted, I think Asomugha has been a major disappointment this year (got burned more than toast) but make him prove he deserves to be among the best.

So what are your thoughts on this game.