Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Final Week of the Season Against the Redskins

The final week of the NFL regular season has the Washington Redskins traveling north on Interstate-95 to the Linc to face the red hot Philadelphia Eagles. Neither team are playing for anything but pride and the Eagles have been playing the best football of all NFL teams in the past three weeks by embarassing the Giants, Jets, and Cowboys in consecutive weeks. They now place the bull's eye on the Redskins and look for another pounding to be handed out by the Eagles. Look for Maclin and Jackons to have big days off the arm of Michael Vick. The defense ahould step up as well making for a long afternoon for the Redskins.

To only imagine what could have been for the Eagles had they gotten on track early in the season as opposed to starting out 1-3 by bloeing several bug 4rth quarters leads at home. Oh well, as the saying goes, too little too late for the Eagles this year.

Watch out for us in the 2012-2013 season!!!!

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  1. What ashame. If not for those 4rth quarter giveaways early in the season, we'd be preparing for a super bowl run in philly. Instead, we get to watch two teams who look like they don't want to win the NFC east play for exactly that.

    Just want to see one more dominating game by the Eagles. Then I'll look forward to Phillies spring training.

    Go Eagles!!


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