Monday, December 19, 2011

Eagles vs. Cowboys

So this coming week is the big showdown between the Eagles and the Cowboys. All eyes will be on this game as the NFC East is still up for grabs. The inconsistant Cowboys are coming off a big win as are the Eagles. The Eagles made he Jets look silly this past week. They've got all their ke players back and healthy so the Cowboys better be worried. Lesean McCoy looks to continue his league leading scoring by getting to the end zone once again multiple times. I'd also look for DeSean Jackson to have a big game as he heads into what are probably his last two games with the Eagles. He needs to prove to the league that he is worth taking a risk on. Maclin looked real good this past week and Vick is back to his old self. All this adds up to a long day for the Cowboys. I also look for the December jinx on Tony Romo to show up as well. This guy has struggled every year in December.

To top this off, the Eagle have a big fan section in East Rutherford, NJ as the Giants are looking for the Eagles to knock of the Cowboys to help their playoff chances.

All this adds up to a great game this coming Sunday. Let me know your thoughts on this upcoming game by adding a comment below!!

E-A-G-L-E-S!!! Eagles, Eagles, Eagles!!!


  1. The Eagles will crush the Cowboys this weekend!! They are now playing for pride andto prove to the NFL that they are still a team that opponents should fear despite their horrible season so far. I agree the offense will do well but I think the Eagles secondary will have big day.

    Go Eagles!! Romo is going down!!

  2. The "Dream Team" is really dreamig if they think they can beat the Cowboys this week. Jackson has been non-existant all year as he pouts about his contract. Romo has overcome his December Blues as was evident this past week so the Eagles will have their hands full against the Cowboys this week. Look for the Cowboys to man-handle the Eagles in preparing for their big showdown game with the Giants the following week to determine the NFC East Champions!! The Eagles don't deserve to be on the same field with the Cowboys!!!

  3. I feel a blowout coming with the Cowboys being on the wrong end!!! NY talk radio all this week were saying that if the Eagles do wind up making the playoffs by some sort of miracle, that's one team you don't want to play!! And I agree!!!

    Go Eagles!! Let's hear from some Cowboys fans!!!

  4. As predicted, a totally dominating performance for the peaking Eagles as they blowout the Cowboys with very little effort. As I've stated, the Eagles are probably playing the best football out of eeryone in the NFL right now, and it's all for naught as the Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention due to the Jets failure to beat the Giants. One more win coming up for the Eagles before ending their season this coming week against the Redskins to finish at .500


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