Friday, December 2, 2011

Miami Dolphins Game

So I can only assume the Dolphins are licking their chops as they have the Eagles on their schedule this week. That only means the Dolphins are playing a game that they can actually win, playing the low life Eagles. As an Eagles fan, how embarassing is that. Teams like the Dolphins and the Seahawks look forward to playing the Eagles so they can get a win. That's what things have come down to in Philly.

Time to let the 3rd and 4rth stringers play these games. Might as well give them a chance since there is nothing to lose.

Looking forward to the Phillies camp opening in the Spring. Nothing else to look forward to in Philadelphia this winter.

I would love to hear your comments on thoughts and expectations for the remainder of the season. Should they play Desean anymore? Should they just let Vick fully recover and not hurry to bring him back? Do you simply run McCoy on every play in hopes that he wins the TD scoring title and possibly the rushing title? Your comments are wanted!!!

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  1. Pretty sad that the eagles ar e 3 point underdogs to the Miami dolphins. My have the mighty fallen.

  2. A win for teh Eagles but nothing worth pounding your chest over. After all, the Dolphins are not that good so I expected a win here. Funny, but I could have said the same thing about last weeks game against the Seahawks as they were pretty bad also.

    Another key point I want to make is with regards to the outcome of the Giants/Cowboys game. As much as I can't stand the Giants, it was important for the Eagles fans to have the Giants beat the Cowboys. If we have any hope in making a run at the playoffs this year, we will need alot of help and the Cowboys losing is important. Now this coming week, we need both the Giants and Cowboys to lose!!


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