Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Sunday, 12/18 - It's the Jets

This week the New York Jets visit the Linc as the Eagles play host to their New Jersey neighbors. With the playoffs still not totally off the agenda, the Eagles need to continue to win while both the Cowboys and Giants lose. I would like to see nothing better than to see the Eagles stick it to the Jets. Vick had an OK game last week and I'll mark that up to being out for a few weeks. Hopefully now in his second week back, he will be firing on all cylinders. I look for him to open up the passing game, and take to the ground with his feet.

Couple that with Lesean McCoy running rampant on the Jets D-line and I see a big Eagles win. With such a difficult season, it will be nice to see them close it out with some really big wins.

What's your thoughts on this weeks game? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear how you think this will turn out.



  1. Time for the Eagles to play spoilers. I understand they are still not mathematically out of the playoffs but too much stuff needs to happen that's out of their control to really give me any hope. So based on that, I just want to see them play the role of spoiler by beating playoff fighting teams like the Jets this weekend and the Cowboys coming up!!! Go Eagles!!

  2. Can you say "An old fashion butt-whooping"? As i had hoped, the Eagles came out with a vengeance, handing the jets one of their worst lsses of the season. My feelings were true. The Eagles are once again healthy, all their super stars were back in the lineup and they made the Jets pay. I guess they could only listen to the bad press for so long before they got fed up with it and decided to do their talking on th field. Couple this with a Giants loss and the Birds keep their ever so long shot hopes of a playoff spot alive!! Bring on those Cowboys!!!


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