Monday, November 28, 2011

Seatle Seahawks Game

Thursday Night Game Against the Seahawks
The Eagles need to come back in a short week to take on the Seatle Seahawks in a Thursday night game which will be pretty uneventful. Lets face it, the Seahawks don't deserve to be on the same field with the Eagles in a normal season but this is no normal season for the Eagles. They are now just playing for pride as their playoff hopes got shattered this past weekend against the Patriots. I'm not giving up on the Eagles though. Since I have no playoffs to look forward to, I'm just hoping to see some exciting football the rest of the season. Hopefully, they will get back a few of their injured players (Vick, Maclin, Nnambdi, ..). I just hope they all come back with something to prove. Vick needs to jsut drop the gloves and get down to work. He needs to show the NFL that his Eagles are the most potent offense in the NFL by lighting up the scoreboard. Distributing the ball to the speedy receivers while handing off to McCoy, and then filling in with some fancy footwork of his own.

Let's turn up the intensity and finish the season by having the rest of the NFL saying that they are glad they don't have to run into the Eagles in the playoffs!!


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  2. I don't get teh NFL Network on my cable TV. Any ideas of other alternatives for me to be able to watch the game? I'm bumming bigtime and really didn't want to venture out to a bar.

  3. Are you kidding me? What was that we just saw other than another Eagles debacle? Come on, getting beat by the lowly Seahawks. The Eagles have definitely hit rock bottom and are now the laughing stock of the NFL.


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