Thursday, November 17, 2011

Desean Jackson's Contract

Do you think Desean will get a new contract with the Eagles? So far, the season he is having (or not having) isn't doing anything to help his case. I truly believe Desean is a great talent and one of the most exciting players in the NFL (even though we haven't seen that this year). I think the Eagles should do whatever it takes to sign this guy after the season ends. The last thing you want to see if Jackson tearing up the NFL for a different team next week.

What are your thoughts on Desean?


  1. Bad actions after his 60 yard bomb hook-up with Vince young. What ashame!!

  2. Desean continues to hurt himself and his reputation. Another no-show performance against the Patriots, so bad that he gets benched in the 4rth quarter. This is a guy that's playing for a bigtime contract? Come on!! He's hurting himself by showing his immaturity and not talking with his performances. To all the Eagles fans, I hate to say it but I really doubt we're going to see Desean in an Eagles uniform next season. You can bet that many NFL teams will be lining up to sign him but if he played on the field like we know he's capable, teams would be throwing money at him. After this season, the only thing he showed was that he has a long way to go to get paid like the top receivers in this league. Can he play on their level? Absolutely!! Has he shown that this year? No!!!!! He's got a handful of games left this year to show us his electrifyig capabilities. I just hope he decides to entertain Philly and the entire league by showing off his God-given abilities!!!

  3. Where's Waldo? I mean where's DeSean? Don't know because yet another NFL game that he didn't show up for tonight against the lowly Seahawks.


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