Monday, November 21, 2011

The Nov. 27 Patriots Game

Big game this weekend against the Patriots. Eagles got the big win last week against the Giants. That's the first of 7 straight wins the Eagles need to reel off in orde rto just make the playoffs.

My opinion is that the Eagles could pull off another upset in this game. We all know the Patriots have a terrible secondary. This could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Eagles. DeSean should reak havoc on the Patriots secondary. Hopefully Maclin will be back as well. Maybe Steve Smith will step up as well. The only question is who will be throwing the ball to these receivers? Is it Vick? Is it Young? In my opinion, it doesn't matter.

The O-line needs to open up some holes for Shady McCoy. If they can't, get him the ball on short passes out of the backfield or in screens. this guy is too good not to get him the ball somehow.

The big test will be on the Eagles secondary. For me, Nnamdi is on the hot seat. He will need to bring his "A" game as Tom Brady will simply have his way with the Eagles defense. The key to beating the Patriots is to outscore Tom Brady. The more we keep him off the field, the better.

Go Eagles!!!


  1. Tom Brady looked good in the second half on Monday night so the Eagles will have their hands full. Hopefully they csn exploit a weak Patriots secondary. Need to ouscore Brady!!

  2. So any last hope of making the playoffs is now gone after the Patriots put it on the Eagles in Philly. How can this team, with all that talent, get beat so many times at home!! Big problems in Philly. Looks like we'll have to wait until next year to see come competitive football!!

  3. Patriots are starting to tune up for the playoffs. They made the Eagles look silly and sent the Eagles packing for hte 2011 - 2012 season. The fat lady is singing because its all over for the Eagles!!!


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