Monday, November 21, 2011

Nnamdi Asomucha

So I have not been impressed at all this season with the performance of Nnamdi. He has done nothing for the Eagles other than to show us how often he can get burned. Victor Cruz in two games against the Giants made him look like a little kid. Burned on multiple occassions. When is this guy going to step up and show us he's worth all that money we paid him to come play in Philly. If he doesn't step up next week against the Patriots, I say we not only bench him, but why not release him. If he's not going to be part of the solution, then we don't need him,

I know I'm being harsh here on Nnamdi, but this is really how i feel. Let me know your thoughts on our high paid corner back. Do you think he was worth the money? Let me know.


  1. My God!! He's made Victor Cruz an All-Pro candidate!! My nickname for him is "toast"!!

  2. So now that the Eagles have nothing but pride to play for, Nnamdi really needs to come back and play some lights-out defense for the rest of the season, proving to the city of Philadelphia that he is the guy we want in or secondary. I agree with the above comments that this guy has shown nothing this year that indicates he is a Pro Bowl Cornerback.


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