Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giants Game

So what are your thoughts about the upcoming Giants game. Going to be a tough game if they play like they did last week against the Cardinals. I doubt if Vick is going to play so Vince Young may get a chance to play. I'm an Eagles fan living in NY Giants territory so I desparately need a win otherwise I'm going to hear it non-stop until next year.

Keys to the game:
  • Give McCoy he ball!!
  • Give McCoy the ball!!
  • Get Desean Jackson involved in the game.


  1. I don't think the Giants are that good of a team even thought they somehow continue to run off W's. Unfortunately, the way the Eagles have been plaing, it doesn't take a good team to beat them (see Cardinals game last week). I'm hoping for better things, but they would really need to get their act together. A victory over the Giants would be the one big brightspot in what's turned into a dismal season.

  2. I'm predicting a big victory by the Eagles this week against the Giants. Like you said above, this is their Super Bowl and Playoffs all in one.

  3. I'm thinking McCoy gets at least two TD's this weekend and look for Desean to have a statement game after last week's benching. He neeeds to start impressing people again if he wants to land a big contract at the end of the season.

    Go Birds!!

  4. What a great victory by the Eagles tonight over the Giants. This is a big win! Defensive line stepped up, Vince Young did a noble job, McCoy hung in there against a good defense, ....

    Looking forward to the Patriots next week!!

  5. So when you give McCoy the ball, even though the defense kept him in check, good things will eventually happen. I think on games like this, the Eagles need to find ways to get him the ball other than a handoff. I would have liked to have seen more screen passes, flares out of the backfield, or line him up in the slot and hit him in stride over the middle. Him catching a pass on the run is scary for defenses.

  6. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than the Eagles beating the Giants. This justifies my point that the Giants are not a good team. You must respect their record but I'd hardly call the Eagles a team on the top of their game so losing to them is pretty weak. Let's hope the Eagles can keep up these winning ways against the Patriots this week.

    Go Eagles!


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