Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cardinals Game

What an embarrassing game last weekend against the Cardinals. A second string QB beats the Eagles? Here's a couple major points I want to make about the game:
  1. You have the best running back in the NFL with Lesean McCoy and you don't give him the ball. The passing game wasn't working at all (we now know Vick cracked his ribs early in the game). Force them to stop McCoy!!! Nobody can stop him for an entire game.
  2. To stress more why they shouldn't have passed so much, Jackson gets suspended for the game and Maclin gets hurt in the first series. And what was Smith doing on the one 4rth down catch where he fell to the ground short of the first down marker. Nothing helps a passing game like a string running game.
  3. They let Fitzgerald wreak havoc on their secondary. You have what's supposed to be the best defensive back in the NFL (Nnamdi) so why not have him cover the best receiver from the other team every game, all game long. Even the announcers were saying this. Granted, I think Asomugha has been a major disappointment this year (got burned more than toast) but make him prove he deserves to be among the best.

So what are your thoughts on this game.

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